“The comedian had used TikTok only a handful of times before her impersonation of the president garnered 15 million views. Now it’s making her rethink her routine.” Sarah Cooper Has Mastered the Trump Joke. (Way to go, Sarah!)

+ Need to escape into some nostalgia? The Internet Archives has a bunch of videos from the earliest days of MTV.

+ Students at Ridgeview High School in Redmond bring their teachers to tears with heartfelt video. (My kids have been bringing teachers to tears for a long time…)

+ “In other words: Zoom boomed while Züm pruned, and maybe Zume was doomed? Fast-sounding start-ups, it seems, have bloomed. There’s Zoomd, Zoomi, Zumi, Zoomy, Zoomies, Zoomin, Zoomvy, Zoomly and Zoomph. Zoom.ai offers virtual assistants, Xoom is a payments service, and Zumobi does mobile content marketing. Tractor Zoom, in Urbandale, Iowa, says it is revolutionizing the acquisition of farm equipment at auction.” NYT: Zoom, Xoom, Züm: Why Does Every Start-Up Sound Fast Now?