“It felt improbable that the eyes of the global medical community were fixed on a small town near the Idaho border. But this is far from the first time that Rocky Mountain Labs has changed the way the world understands diseases.” Charlie Warzel in the NYT: Is the Cure for Covid in the Rocky Mountains?

+ “Halfway through the school year, Myrtis Bradsher found herself paying close attention to a little girl called Kizzy. She always looked sharp, with ribbons knotted to her ponytails and socks that matched every outfit. But it was the way she rushed to help other fourth-graders with classwork that really stood out. ‘She had so much knowledge,’ the teacher recalled. “She knew something about everything.'” Kizzmekia Corbett spent her life preparing for this moment. Can she create the vaccine to end a pandemic? (And can she avoid the risks associated with being an expert who speaks the truth?)