“The story of Trump’s rise is often told as a hostile takeover. In truth, it is something closer to a joint venture, in which members of America’s élite accepted the terms of Trumpism as the price of power. Long before anyone imagined that Trump might become President, a generation of unwitting patrons paved the way for him.” The New Yorker’s always great Evan Osnos goes home to understand How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump. “A corporate insurance broker who has been involved with Republican politics for fifty years, told me that many of his friends are ‘below the radar screen.’ He went on, ‘In a sense, I’m one of them. I’m out there in the public domain, so people know where I stand, but in 2016, for the first election ever, I did not put a bumper sticker on my car.’ He worries how strangers will react. He said, ‘I still have two ‘Make America Great Again’ hats at home, wrapped in plastic.'” (I have a few NextDraft hats in the same condition, but only because I know they’ll be worth millions one day.)