Feel Good Sunday

“‘It’s just great,’ Joette says. ‘Before I go to sleep at night, I look up at the ceiling and think, Ahhh. Got a roof over my head, and don’t have 50 people sleeping beside me coughing.’ It’s wonderful.'” She and her dog lived in a shopping center for two years. Then along came a stranger.

+ “An I.C.U. doctor felt despair at how little could be done for the sick. Soon, she had musicians playing over the phone in hospital rooms.” NYT: These Are the Bedside Concerts Comforting Virus Patients.

+ Here’s a short film about spreading a message of hope from 62 different windows during the coronavirus pandemic.

+ Left without its normal content, ESPN has been showing events such as cherry pit spitting. It’s gotta be a little hard spitting pits through one’s mask. (This either represents the seed of something new or a bottomless pit of despair.)

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