You’re stressed. The quarantine, the economy, health concerns, and general uncertainty have combined to turn you into a sleepless, twitchy, anxious, doom-scrolling, Xanax poster child, whose normally calm demeanor has been replaced by sudden-onset bouts of agitation that quickly accelerate into episodes of wanton rage so extreme you were entirely unsurprised to find the search query can elephant tranquilizer guns be used on humans? in your family computer’s browser history. OK, maybe this is getting a little too personal. But you’re stressed. So go outside. Take a walk. Enjoy a breath of fresh air. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to doing that. Probably. Well, maybe. At least that’s what we think. Or they think. I can’t remember if I read that in The New England Journal of Medicine or on an anti-vaxxer’s Facebook page (or maybe I’m just extrapolating from the Police song, Every Step You Take). Whatever the case, it’s one more thing we’re pretty sure of when we want to be really sure. WaPo: Studies leave question of ‘airborne’ coronavirus transmission unanswered. (Maybe I’ll follow the lead of Bill Clinton, and go outside—but not inhale.)