“‘To open up businesses where it’s impossible to practice social distancing — hair salons, nail salons, theaters — people are like, what? You want to put everybody in a closed room, and that’s supposed to be okay?’ said Demetrius Young, a city commissioner in Albany, the center of the state’s epidemic. ‘For black folks, it’s like a setup: Are you trying to kill us?'” WaPo: Fear and mistrust in rural Georgia as Gov. Kemp urges the state to reopen.

+ Come out, come out wherever you are has been changed to Come out, come out, depending on where you are. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Called Out For Refusing To Re-Open His Mansion For Public Tours.

+ “If you were to imagine a horror movie when all the people disappear, that’s what it looks like…You can’t imagine that there is a circumstance that could possibly cause that. I couldn’t have.” On the other side of the re-opening equation is the devastating impact of closures. How Las Vegas Became Ground Zero for the American Jobs Crisis.

+ NPR: “Two leading former federal health officials who served in recent Republican and Democratic administrations are spearheading a call for a $46 billion public health investment in a future coronavirus aid package in order to safely reopen the economy.”