“The pandemic has revealed some strengths—including frank heroism and ingenuity—but it has also exposed hidden fractures, silent aneurysms, points of fragility. Systems that we thought were homeostatic—self-regulating, self-correcting, like a human body in good health—turned out to be exquisitely sensitive to turbulence, like the body during critical illness. Everyone now asks: When will things get back to normal? But, as a physician and researcher, I fear that the resumption of normality would signal a failure to learn. We need to think not about resumption but about revision.” Siddhartha Mukherjee in The New Yorker: What the Coronavirus Crisis Reveals About American Medicine.

+ The pandemic is often referred to in wartime terminology. If we’re really in a war against Covid-19, the enemy has hit our bodies, and the industry tasked with healing them. Vox: Coronavirus has created a crisis for primary care doctors and their patients.

+ Those two articles provide a look at the health system and the health care providers. This one is about a patient. NYT: 32 Days on a Ventilator: One Covid Patient’s Fight to Breathe Again.