“It’s a godsend … He came out of nowhere to save us.” NYT: The Mortuary Science Professor Who Came ‘Out of Nowhere’ to Help NYC.

+ WaPo: A volunteer ambulance crew in NYC answers the call during covid-19 crisis.

+ The Jersey 4 Jersey benefit airs today. Bruce. Enough said.

+ Good news for those who loved hating the Patriots. You can now hate the Bucs. Patriots trade Rob Gronkowski to Buccaneers for fourth-round pick.

+ “Only somewhat recently did this magical combination of noodles and cheese acquire such widespread renown. In fact, if we travel back a few hundred years, when mac and cheese first appeared in the lengthy annals of humanity, it was a dish reserved strictly for royalty.” The history of Mac and Cheese.

+ Wired: Can an Arrow Fired Straight Up Fall Fast Enough to Kill You? (I swear, this isn’t another look at the Trump’s performance during the pandemic…)