At a moment when underlying health conditions are most hazardous, President Trump is throwing his base another helping of red meat. “Trump decreed via tweet late Monday that he intends to sign an executive order suspending immigration to the United States.” As usual, the order is ahead of the plan. From WaPo: “The president appears to have again publicly declared a U.S. policy that was not yet ready for implementation, leaving his aides rushing to deliver on his pronouncement.” Of course, this policy is less about implementation than the politics of turning a health and economic disaster into a culture war. The virus is already here. Euthanizing American values won’t help. In his proclamation, Trump again referred to Covid-19 as the “invisible enemy.” You know what would make the invisible enemy visible? Tests.

+ As his leadership career flounders, at least the president has his physician gig to fall back on. Or maybe not. AP: More deaths, no benefit from hydroxychloroquine in VA virus study. (Someone needs to follow the money on this story…)