Feel Good Monday

“More than 40 workers unanimously deciding to leave their families, agreeing to eat, sleep, and live at the facility where they make equipment for health care workers. The team worked 12-hour shifts. TV and the occasional drive-by from family members were only outside contact they’ve had.” Workers head home after 28 days of making COVID-19 protective gear.

+ We don’t have live sports, so we’ll have to resort to reliving them with documentary’s like ESPN’s The Last Dance, a doc on Jordan and the Bulls. The highlight of week one: Barack Obama was credited only as: Former Chicago Resident.

+ Wisconsin business provides free milk using a kindness cooler.

+ Stepping up: Mets PA announcer offers kind voice amid virus.

+ Violent rival gangs in South Africa call truce to help people during pandemic.

+ Today’s Jersey4Jersey is as star-studded as the weekend’s global concert. (I buried the lede: Bruuuuuuuuce.)

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