Feel Good Sunday

“As states across the country announced stay-in-place orders, many Americans turned to baking as a way to relieve stress, pass long hours at home, and insure themselves against potential food shortages stoked by panic-buying.” The Hustle: Everyone is baking — and entrepreneurs are rising up to meet the demand. (Weird, Covid-19 convinced the world to bake and me to stop getting baked…)

+ Quarantined family re-creates 1981 Journey video shot by shot. (My family is recreating the Kurtz scenes from Apocalypse Now…)

+ 10-year-old donates more than 200 gift cards to Chesterfield police officers.

+ Who wouldn’t want free coffee from a gorilla? (It’s a fair question…)

+ Check out this Rooftop to Rooftop tennis from Italy.

+ And let’s give some thought to the rooms and backgrounds performers chose during their One World appearances. (I feel like we need a Go Fund Me to score Matthew McConaughey a new printer…)

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