Singapore One Out for the Homies

“Singapore officials have been screening and quarantining all travelers from outside the country since the beginning of the pandemic. Their contact tracing is second to none. Every time they identify an infection, they commit to determining its origin in two hours. They post online where identified infected people work, live and have spent time so that potential contacts can be identified. They enforce quarantines and isolation of such contacts, with criminal charges for those who violate orders.” If America is to re-open, we’re going to have to perform a lot like Singapore, but at a much larger scale. While this all sounds like a significant challenge, there’s another troubling factor to consider: Singapore is in lockdown now. From NYT Upshot: Why We May Need to Think Bigger. (This is not the kind of open and shut case we had in mind.)

+ Be Test: Opening requires testing. And as you may have heard, America has a testing problem. I put together this little guide for how the media might want to question the administration about this.

+ “Cisco Systems, the networking company, and McDonald’s were among the major employers that learned of their involvement in consulting with the president only when he mentioned their names on Tuesday evening.” NYT: Trump’s ‘Opening Our Country Council’ Runs Into Its Own Opening Problems.

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