“Olive Veronesi is one of those people, and her plea for beer as she held a sign in the window of her Seminole, Pennsylvania home quickly went viral over the weekend.
‘I NEED MORE BEER!!’ it read.” Olive is 93. She got her beer.

+ Cars line up to celebrate WWII veteran’s 101st birthday with a socially distant salute.

+ Lego is making 13,000 face visors a day to protect healthcare workers in Denmark. (That sounds uncomfortable! I know, I know, but we’re all under pressure here…)

+ Emergency room doctor, near death with coronavirus, saved with experimental treatment.

+ ‘Such a simple thing to do’: Why positioning Covid-19 patients on their stomachs can save lives.

+ Broward judge tells lawyers to get out of bed and wear a shirt for Zoom hearings. (For Florida, this counts as good news.)