“Trump and McConnell have come to understand each other. The President needs him to govern. McConnell knows that if their relationship fell apart it would be a disaster for the Republican majority in the Senate. They’re very different in many ways, but fundamentally they’re about the same thing—winning.” The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer risked all kinds of contamination and went deep into Mitch McConnell: How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief. (This one should not be read without sanitizer and a facemask.) Robert A. Caro chimes in: “In a way, McConnell and Johnson are very similar. They both used the rules and procedures of the Senate with great deftness. But, in a more significant way, they couldn’t be more diametrically opposite. Johnson, for all his faults, in his later years used the rules and procedures to turn the Senate into a force to create social justice. McConnell has used them to block it.”