Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care.

+ A Georgia bar owner removed $3,714 worth of bills stapled to the walls to give to her unemployed staff. (That’s what I call getting rid of a hangover.)

+ A YouTube gamer helped raise nearly $660,000 in 12 hours for Covid-19 relief. (Makes sense. With regular sports offline, e-sports are going gangbusters, as are my son’s PS4 bills)

+ Tyler Perry pays senior-hour groceries at 44 Krogers in Atlanta, 29 Winn-Dixies in New Orleans.

+ New Zealand PM Assures Kids, Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy Are Essential Workers. (They’re just wearing really fun hazmat suits…)

+ At long last, a mountable toilet system for personalized health monitoring via the analysis of excreta. “Each user of the toilet is identified through their fingerprint and the distinctive features of their anoderm.” (I’d know that ass anywhere.)