Proving this administration can get everything wrong, the State Department just wished “everyone a happy and healthy Passover! In Jewish tradition, Matzah, a flat unleavened bread eaten during the Passover holiday, is known as both the bread of faith and the bread of healing.” According to the Haggadah, Matzah is the bread of affliction. According to family lore, it’s the bread of constipation. The bread of healing? Not so much. (This year, I’m hiding afikomen in the truth, that way Trump will never find it…)

+ McSweeney’s: An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci Asking for Passover Seder Advice.

+ For those families hitting the wall of self-quarantine, this might be a helpful video: What Actually Happens When a Tranquilizer Dart Hits You?

+ Lady Gaga has already raised tens of millions for covid relief and is planning a huge benefit concert. She also dropped some knowledge during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. “While I think the sentiment is nice, I also think that the fight that I’m in — or that you’re in, right? — is very different than the fight of a woman that is in, perhaps, an abusive relationship and has a child and lost her job and can’t feed her kid and can’t feed herself and also can’t get the help that she needs because she’s in a violent situation.”

+ 16-Year-Old Pilot Flies Much-Needed Medical Supplies to Rural Hospitals Amid Pandemic.

+ Jack Dorsey pledged 28% of his wealth to support the fight against covid19 and other causes. (I was so moved by his gesture that I pledged another 28% of Jack Dorsey’s wealth to the cause.)