In the continuing saga of the dismissed aircraft carrier captain who is now at home with Covid-19, the “Acting” Navy secretary just blasted him as ‘too naive or too stupid‘ in speech to his sailors. You can listen to the remarks yourself, because, as it turns out, even people criticizing other leaders for being naive about leaks can have their speeches leaked. This story pains me. Because of the federal government’s lack of foresight and its current management failures, our military’s best and brightest are largely sidelined during America’s fight of a generation. Meanwhile, they have to sit on their hands and watch this PR disaster turn into a full on Charlie Foxtrot. This is what happens when the chain of command begins with a guy who is off the chain. Perhaps no one puts a more accurate spin on the situation than the sailor, who about a minute into recording of the speech, can be heard yelling, “What the F–k?”