“Day and night, ambulances crisscross the streets of Paterson, the eerie silence of a once-raucous city shredded by siren shrieks so pervasive it sounds as if the city is under attack. Which, in a sense, it is.” 12 Fraught Hours With E.M.T.s in Paterson, NJ. (Amazing first responders, and amazing journalism.)

+ “Outside, there is a refrigerated morgue truck. Patients come in, some die, and that’s where they go. Bodies are cremated because of infection risk. Families never get to see their loved one again. My colleague had to deliver a death notification by phone, something we are trained to never do.” Slate: Two Doctors Log Their Days Inside NYC Emergency Rooms.

+ Pentagon confirms it’s working to provide 100,000 body bags to FEMA.

+ Why are health care workers being canned for telling the truth?