“It turns out, executives at Fox News HQ were more reasonable behind the scenes. The offices were Lysol-ed and sanitized and employees were given instructions to be safe. All while the network was doing quite the opposite: spraying viewers with far too much fake news contagion.” Kara Swisher on Fox’s Fake News Contagion, which, until recently, her mom was believing. (And her mom’s other kid is a doctor…)

+ Fox News is a clear villain in this story, but no one holds a candle to Brazil’s epically terrible president, Jair Bolsonaro: “God is Brazilian,” he told a throng of supporters. “The cure is right there.

+ While those who are late will be condemned by history, those who were early will be celebrated. Cuomo Is a Coronavirus Star, but Newsom Is Quietly Bending the Curve. And then there’s Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, The US governor who saw it coming early. “Mr DeWine moved to bar spectators from major sporting events – days before US professional leagues decided to cancel their seasons. He was first in the nation to declare a state-wide school shutdown. He invoked an emergency public health order to postpone Ohio’s presidential primary the night before it was scheduled.”