“In bad times, innovation can occur in habits of mind as well as in new technologies. The frightening COVID-19 pandemic may be creating such a change now—by forcing many of us to slow down, to spend more time in personal reflection, away from the noise and heave of the world. With more quiet time, more privacy, more stillness, we have an opportunity to think about who we are, as individuals and as a society.” Alan Lightman on what might be gained amid all the loss. In rebuilding a broken world, we will have the chance to choose a less hurried life. “Now we have been struck. We have a chance to notice: We have been living too fast. We have sold our inner selves to the devil of speed, efficiency, money, hyper-connectivity, progress.” (My inner self might be improving, but my outer self has gained about 12 pounds…)

+ “Past public health crises inspired innovations in infrastructure, education, fundraising and civic debate.” Smithsonian Mag: How Epidemics of the Past Changed the Way Americans Lived.