“She is the Bay Area’s Anthony Fauci, Santa Clara County’s most “essential” employee, the one who banished us from Sharks hockey games, canceled her own daughter’s high school prom — and eventually shut in 6 million Bay Area residents in six neighboring counties to slow the stampede of a deadly pandemic.” Meet the doctor who ordered the Bay Area’s coronavirus lockdown, the first in the U.S. (The people who led early will be viewed as heroes, the others, not so much.)

+ Speaking of which, here’s Trump during a call with desperate governors. “I haven’t heard about testing in weeks. We’ve tested more now than any nation in the world. We’ve got these great tests and we’ll come out with another one tomorrow that’s, you know, almost instantaneous testing. But I haven’t heard anything about testing being a problem.” (At least he lies to everyone equally.)

+ The Atlantic: Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised. (This is a perfect Trump era story. Bad leadership, inside-dealing, nepotism, and a product that didn’t work.)

+ Florida Megachurch Pastor Arrested After Defying Order Not To Hold Gatherings.

+ America, in one lede: “Three pastors are challenging the constitutionality of a stay-at-home order issued by Texas officials in the county that includes Houston, saying the mandate improperly tramples on individual freedoms by closing churches and failing to designate gun stores essential businesses.”

+ OK, let’s not pick on one religion. Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews in fight over virus rules. (It’s right there in the Talmud: Get your ass back in your house.)

+ New Jersey Charged People Under Coronavirus Laws For Throwing Weddings, Parties — And Molotov Cocktails. (What, you thought Jersey would let you down?)

+ Alanis Morrissette, if you’re a subscriber, THIS is irony. Crowds ignore social distancing rules to watch USNS Comfort.