“Don’t call the woman in Michigan.” After that “presidential” comment about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (and reports that medical supply vendors had been told to shut off sales to her state), Trump declared a disaster in Michigan coronavirus outbreak. (This is newsworthy, but don’t be distracted by predictable attacks on female CEOs, female governors, or bigoted terms to label the virus. Trump will try anything, even attacking a swing state, to distract you from the real story. But this time, the real story—the failure to prepare the US— is too big to ignore.)

+ WaPo: Trump seeks to ramp up production of medical equipment after harsh criticism of his slow response. (The virus has been here since January.) It took a while for Trump to address the med supply disaster. It took about five seconds for him to try to curb the new inspector general’s autonomy. (Luckily, he makes it easy to follow the money, even from home.)

+ “Normally, a civil servant — the disbursing officer for the payment center — would sign federal checks.” (Hah! Normally!) Donald Trump demands his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American. (In other words, half won’t arrive and half will bounce.)

+ Meanwhile, leaders at the Department of Veterans Affairs say they are ready to answer the call to assist HHS or FEMA. But the call has not come. (Neither has the tweet…)

+ Miss some of the old characters from political crimes past? Twitter just deleted a Rudy Giuliani Tweet pushing misinformation and attacking on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. (It’s really hard to post something offensive enough for Twitter to remove it. Trust me, I’ve tried.)