Of course, by now we all understand that the challenge of providing protective equipment to grocers and delivery workers is compounded by that fact that we can’t even provide it to our health workers. “This is America. It’s not a developing country. This is just showing how flawed everything is.” Medical Providers Are Trying to DIY Their Own Survival Protection in Secret Online Groups. And People Are Making DIY Face Masks With Hot Glue Guns in This Baltimore Warehouse.

+ Andy Slavitt: The truth is CDC could have gotten started earlier and done better but here we are.

+ While we’re debating absurdist Easter proclamations, culturally sensitive names for the disease, and offensive Oval Office tweets, remember, this is the story: We could have been prepared. We should have been prepared. We are nowhere near prepared. NYT: “If the administration had reacted to the ventilator shortage in February, a private sector effort starting now might have made lifesaving equipment in mid- to late April. Now it is unlikely to be before June.”

+ All that being said, reality, it turns out, means less than ever. President Trump’s Job Approval Rating Up to 49%.