I Found My Trill, on Capitol Hill. Two Trill actually. How do you know this pandemic is serious? They just got a bipartisan deal done in Congress. The T’s need to be crossed, the I’s need to be dotted, and those families waiting for their checks need to be patient. “Americans with direct-deposit bank account information on file with the Internal Revenue Service for tax refunds — about 70 million people — should see their payments arrive within a few weeks of the bill being signed into law. Eligible Americans who do not have such information on file, and thus will be waiting for a check in the mail from the I.R.S., will need to wait up to four months to receive one.” NYT: Here’s What We Know So Far About the Aid Bill.

+ Vox: The Senate has struck a $2 trillion deal on the coronavirus stimulus. Here’s what’s in it.

+ And here’s what’s not: “The deal specifically states that businesses owned by the president, heads of Cabinet-level agencies, and members of Congress are excluded from receiving aid. That reportedly extends to firms controlled by their children, spouses, or in-laws.” Mar-a-Nogo

+ Meanwhile, states are bucking the president’s Easter resurrection plan and preparing for long lockdowns, “more than 435,000 people around the world have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. But it is not mutating significantly,” Prince Charles has tested positive, and “Britain’s health services asked for 250,000 volunteers. 405,000 people came forward to help.” Here’s the latest from WaPo.