In the coming days, you’ll start hearing about many great projects being led by excellent leaders and ordinary Americans. They will help immeasurably. But, sadly, they’re working against the relentless falsehoods and near-insane denial coming from the president, who in the face of horrific virus numbers, now says he wants America back open for business by Easter. Cases are doubling in NY every three days, the Olympics have been postponed, companies are retooling to support health care, hospital workers are begging for support; people get it. Just not all people. Here’s the latest from the NYT.

+ “In his unprecedented dual role as president and owner of a sprawling business, Trump is facing dual crises caused by the coronavirus.” WaPo: Before Trump called for reevaluating lockdowns, they shuttered six of his top-earning clubs and resorts. (Maybe the Easter deadline is intended to resurrect business…)

+ Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick said grandparents like him would be willing to die to save economy. “That’s doesn’t make me noble or brave or anything like that.” No, it makes him uninformed and a danger to society. Forget the general idiocy of the argument. It’s based on false information. Young people are getting the virus and dying from it. Here are the actual covid-19 risks for different age groups, explained

+ LA Times: Will Texas or Florida be the next Italy? States lag in stay-at-home orders.

+ Officials field complaints as Liberty’s Jerry Falwell Jr. has welcomed students return.

+ If it makes you feel any better, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador could be handling this crisis even worse.

+ Hope for even out most clueless leaders? A spring breaker who went viral last week for not giving a crap about the coronavirus during a television interview has now apologized.

+ Want a politician you can trust on this topic? Listen to Amy Klobuchar. Her husband is in the hospital with clovid-19 and she can’t visit him.