“Across the United States, from Florida beaches to California mountains, casinos to national parks, legions dismissed the growing demands this past week to isolate themselves and stop congregating as the coronavirus spread through the country and shut down nearly all facets of American life. They were the defiers and the disbelievers. They were those eager to flout authority or those afflicted with cabin fever, if not Covid-19. They were the officials crowded on the podium of the White House briefing room, doing not as they say.” John Branch in the NYT: Deniers and Disbelievers: ‘If I Get Corona, I Get Corona.’ Related: It’s nuts that members of Congress aren’t voting remotely. Rand Paul is the latest to test positive. And in Germany, Angela Merkel is in quarantine after doctor tests positive for virus.

+ “As casino floors fell silent — many for the first time since their construction — a desert town built on tourist traffic from around the globe boiled with anxiety. In local union headquarters, homeless shelters, around-the-block gun store lines and churches, people of all stripes braced for an uncertain future. It was almost unthinkable, this city up against the only true showstopper it has ever experienced.” WaPo: Coronavirus shut down in Sin City. (Any place not shutting every non-essential thing down is the real sin city now…)

+ Baltimore’s mayor basically urges residents to stop shooting each other because hospitals need beds for coronavirus patients.

+ Again, it’s not a hoax. It’s not just the elderly. Nola: This 39-year-old New Orleans woman tested for coronavirus. She died before getting her results.