In Saturday’s White House press conference, President Trump said, “The testing is going very well.” Here’s the truth. “Health officials in New York, California and other hard-hit parts of the country are restricting coronavirus testing to health care workers and people who are hospitalized, saying the battle to contain the virus is lost and the country is moving into a new phase of the pandemic response.”

+ There is some hope on the testing front: FDA approves new test that could detect coronavirus in about 45 minutes.

+ Jeniffer Senior in the NYT: “In a time of global emergency, we need calm, directness and, above all, hard facts. Only the opposite is on offer from the Trump White House. It is therefore time to call the president’s news conferences for what they are: propaganda.”

+ Business Insider: Trump can’t hold his massive rallies because of coronavirus, so he’s moved his act to the briefing room. (I know some think this is not the time to call out Trump. It’s precisely the time. If we had been louder before, maybe this disaster would be less horrific. If Trump listened to experts, we could have been ready. And every day of mismanagement is another day lost addressing a ticking time bomb. We’ve stopped hearing from the CDC and experts. Instead we hear the president tout unproven drugs, make false promises, and deny scientific fact. The media must adjust and stop broadcasting this malpractice unfiltered. Covering it live will cost lives.)