Eat, Pray, Gov

Among all the small businesses, Restaurants, bars, and other gathering venues are feeling the most immediate hit. Unlike NBA teams or big companies, they don’t have cash to keep paying employees even if they wanted to. Eater: Rent abatement, tax deferrals, and immediate unemployment benefits … What Restaurants Need Right Now to Actually Survive. The best idea I’ve heard so far: State governments should contract with restaurants to provide food to health workers, the elderly, etc. It’s a win, win, and if restaurants could be given a state’s stamp of approval, regular customers would feel more secure about ordering from them. I passed this idea on to Governor Newsom in CA. He forwarded it to the right person at the state level. If you come across great ideas, let me know.

+ Starbucks finally did the right thing for society by closing most of its cafes. But that’s gonna be a massive employment hit.

+ Serious eats: Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide. Questions about COVID-19 and food safety, answered.

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