What to Read: If you want a great novel by a great person, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name by Vendela Vida. If you want to read about another pandemic, The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.

+ What to Rock: Live music? No. Streaming live music? Yes. Springsteen released a full concert, London Calling: Live in Hyde Park. NPR is updating Live Sessions (including Brandi Carlile), and Billboard is tracking all the upcoming live shows online.

+ What to Give: Donors Choose is helping teachers and students brave this unprecedented situation. (In some cases, we’re learning who we can count on. In the case of DonorsChoose, we always knew.)

+ What to Dave: I wandered lonely as a cloud, as the CDC advised. If you missed it, I wrote a thing for McSweeney’s. Famous Lines of Poetry Revised for the Age of Coronavirus. (No way this virus is gonna stop my self-promotion. Fight the power!)