“I imagine this is what it felt like to be in wartime efforts like the Enigma code-breaking group during World War II, and our team is similarly hoping to disarm our enemy by understanding its inner workings.” What’s up at UCSF? A COVID-19 treatment might already exist in old drugs – we’re using pieces of the coronavirus itself to find them. (OK, then let me write the articles, you just go team go!)

+ “The antibodies generated by these recovered patients’ immune systems will protect them from reinfection, at least for a while. And if those same antibodies can be harvested from their blood and repackaged safely for administration to others, they may do something more remarkable.” LA Times: How the blood of coronavirus survivors may protect others from COVID-19.

+ Want to go deep understanding our enemy? Ed Yong has you covered. Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful. (It’s really true that success breeds contempt.)