After years of feeling like we were living in an unreality television show, it’s come to this. The doctors, nurses, and other first responders on the front lines are expressing desperate gratitude for the medical supplies being donated by people who pretend they’re doctors and nurses. TV Medical Dramas Donate Their Masks, Medical Supplies to Hospitals in Need During Pandemic. This is what happens when the people in charge are scrubs.

+ The US has invoked war-scale manufacturing. In the meantime, hospital workers battling coronavirus turn to bandanas, sports goggles and homemade face shields amid shortages.

+ “Someone left two boxes of masks on my doorstep. I will make them last; I’ll spray each one with alcohol and keep using it until it breaks down. We’re really improvising here.” Doctors and Nurses Plead for Masks on Social Media.

+ “We’re trying to reach out to our community, saying if you are one of the people with a box of masks next to the box of toilet paper, please consider donating it back to the hospital. We are desperate.”

+ And if medical workers don’t have protective gear, think about cops, grocers, deliverers, and on down the line. The Marshall Project: DC Cops Balance Bravado and Caution During COVID-19 Pandemic.

+ And then there is the American consumer’s supply chain: Amazon Confirms First Known Coronavirus Case in an American Warehouse.

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