We don’t have enough rubber gloves and masks for our medical workers in America. In part, that’s because of manufacturing delays in China, and in part it’s because of the lack of preparation that comes when experts and scientists are replaced with ideologues and sycophants. The shortage of protective equipment leaves our frontline warriors in the fight against this virus unarmed. When you consider what these people are facing during sleepless nights and risky days, just staying home doesn’t seem like much to ask of the rest of us. “One of the nation’s top cancer hospitals has informed its staff it has a shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment, even as at least five employees and three patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19.” Buzzfeed: A Top Cancer Hospital Faces Mask Shortages.

+ “Most physicians have never seen this level of angst and anxiety in their careers.” Doctors Fear Bringing Coronavirus Home: ‘I Am Sort of a Pariah in My Family.’

+ There’s also a limited supply of ventilators. “Could manufacturers of these devices boost output? Yes, but not overnight.”

+ “The first priority will be identifying people most urgently in need of care, otherwise known as triage, a practice adopted from battlefield medicine, in which the wounded are quickly sorted. American doctors will soon face this grim and painful reality.” Ken Harbaugh in The Atlantic: After cancellation comes triage.

+ “While her work keeps her from sleep, she is passionate about where she finds herself every day. ‘This place is the beating heart of a novel infectious disease response. It’s what I always wanted a piece of as a scientist.'” Esquire: Inside the National Quarantine Center, There Is No Fear of Coronavirus. There Is Only Urgency.

+ For weeks, no one has done a better job of informing the public about the virus and the impending stress on hospitals than Andy Slavitt, the former US head of Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Until yesterday, his updates were only available via Twitter threads. With a little help from some friends, I connected Andy with Medium, and from now on, his Twitter updates will also be repurposed as articles with all the related graphs and data embedded. You can and should follow along here.