Here’s some of the latest: There have been 6,500 deaths worldwide, strong rules and curfews are being set in cities, the Supreme Court is postponing cases (hopefully, local courts will take the cue), the EU might seal borders, Canada enters lockdown mode, Trump tells governors to seek out respirators and other vital equipment on their own, the stock market has a dry cough and fever, Vegas casinos are closing (exactly zero people bet that could happen), and much more. Follow along with NYT, CNN, BBC, and WaPo.

+ “Monday’s losses put the S&P 500 and Nasdaq more than 26% below their record highs set in late February. The Dow was 28% under its all-time high from last month. At one point, the Dow was down 30% from its record.” CNBC: Dow plunges even after emergency Fed rate cut.