We acted too late in the US. Now that we’re acting and announcing policies, via Twitter or Rose Garden events, it would be good to have an actual plan in place to support those policies. When we don’t, we end up with the surreal scenes shared from some US airports yesterday, where people spent hours packed into spaces that represent the exact opposite of social distancing. US Airports Saw Massive Lines After Coronavirus Travel Restrictions.

+ Travelers Greeted With Hours-Long Airport Lines As Coronavirus Screenings Begin.

+ How crazy was it at O’Hare? Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker took to Twitter to practically beg the administration to “get its s@#t together.” What did the Governor get in response? “I got a call at about 11 o’clock last night after that tweet from a White House staffer who yelled at me about the tweet. That is what I got.”

+ Meanwhile, in Europe, the lockdowns are much more extreme, and more local US leaders are following that lead. Here’s the latest from NYT, BBC, and CNN. And here’s a global dashboard for tracking the crisis.