Amanda Mull in The Atlantic: How You Should Get Food During the Pandemic. “Is it safe to order delivery, both for you and for the person bringing you food? Is it safe to go to a grocery store that might be packed with panicked people? How do you support community businesses while social distancing? How do you lessen the burden that you put on people in service jobs? It’s time for America to figure out how to feed itself during a pandemic.” (As a P.S.A., here’s the shopping list my son just texted to me: Sprite, Watermelon Red Bull, Coke, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips, Lucky Charms, Hot Funions, Red Vines, chocolate, and gummies. Seriously, corona has no idea the chemical reaction it’s about to be hit with…)

+ Have other questions? Here’s a useful site from the Federation of American Scientists (Yeah, it turns out scientists are back in vogue, ya’ll.)