While the president’s speech was about a “foreign” virus, the truth is that this is a story about testing, prevention, and slowing down Covid19. And when it comes to that, we can learn a lot of lessons (good and bad) from countries around the globe. Slate: How Taiwan and Singapore Have Contained the Coronavirus. And from Wired: Singapore Was Ready for Covid-19—Other Countries, Take Note.

+ Bloomberg: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered all shops in the country to close except for grocery stores, pharmacies and few others until March 25. Also, in Italy, “funeral homes reportedly refused to collect the bodies of those infected with the virus.”

+ In Iran, there are signs of Coronavirus burial pits so vast they’re visible from space.

+ Unfortunately, America is leaning towards the wrong direction when it comes to learning lessons. America’s shamefully slow coronavirus testing threatens all of us.

+ 9 charts that explain the coronavirus pandemic.