“There were not enough COVID-19 testing kits, hotlines were overwhelmed, and hospitals and public health departments were hobbled by a lack of reliable statistics on the spread of the disease. Experts say the U.S. response is now likely weeks—if not months—behind schedule.” Time: Experts Say the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response Was Never Going to Work.

+ Robinson Meyer and Alexis Madrigal made a lot of calls and found The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing.

+ If you’re like me, (and every other middle to old aged Jewish male in America), you probably feel a little warm right now, though it’s probably nothing, but it could be something. How to Tell If You Have the Flu, Coronavirus, or Something Else? Plus, these cleaners kill coronavirus.

+ Univ of Washington tells students to stay home and prepare for classes, and maybe finals, online.

+ “The abrupt decline in global air travel suggests that the economic impacts of the outbreak may be entering a more disruptive phase. (My whole stock portfolio has entered a new phase. It’s gone from screaming, to crying, to a resigned moaning.)

+ “Three hours later, he went to a mixer for fellow doctors and Dartmouth students at a bar over the river in Vermont. Monday, he returned to the hospital and tested positive for coronavirus.” A Man Might Have Infected an Entire College Party. I mean…

+ A man has reportedly been tasered after a violent confrontation over toilet paper as Australian consumers’ mass panic about coronavirus shows no sign of abating. Meanwhile, an Australian newspaper prints blank pages to help tackle the toilet paper shortage. (Even in dark times, new business models can be found.)

+ Here’s the latest on the virus from BBC and CNN.