Joe Biden’s campaign was on the fritz. So someone unplugged it and plugged it back in. It worked. During the next 72 hours, Biden’s campaign went from dead in the water to delegate leader, as three former rivals dropped out and endorsed him, helping him to surge to one of the most surprising comebacks in recent political history. The former Dem free-for-all has turned into a two man race. For Biden, the turnaround was a classic case of better late than never. “Biden’s strength among late-deciding voters was further evidence of his stunning turnaround since the Nevada caucuses — rising from a distant second to Sen. Bernie Sanders and competing with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the race’s front-runner.” FiveThirtyEight: Biden Won Super Tuesday Because He Won Voters Who Decided Late.

+ Bern Notice: Ron Brownstein in The Atlantic: “The evening’s clearest message was that while the senator from Vermont has inspired a passionate depth of support, the breadth of his coalition remains too limited to win the nomination.” Bernie Sanders Gets a Rude Awakening.

+ Biden also won a new endorser, one with particularly deep pockets. Mike Bloomberg is suspending his presidential campaign, says he’s endorsing Biden. “We have long-term leases and long-term contracts with the team and the intention was always to put this big machine we have built behind whoever the nominee is.”

+ NY Mag: “Malfunctioning technology, higher-than-expected voter turnout, and recently closed polling places were blamed for extensive delays and hours-long lines for voters in California and Texas.” Some Super Tuesday Lines Were So Long Voters Cast Their Ballot Wednesday. (No American should have to wait more than a few minutes to vote. A couple centuries should have been enough to work out the kinks.)

+ Super Bruise Day: Jill Biden’s epic tussle: In split-second blocking maneuver, she protects husband from lunging vegans.