“First, and most importantly to the people I’ve spoken with about this, is this bit of information: a gas pump that keeps annoyingly cutting off does not mean there is something wrong with your car. Now, that doesn’t mean that components of the car and how they’re designed aren’t playing a part in all this, just that it does not necessarily mean your car has some sort of mechanical problem.” Jalopnik: This Is Why The Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off On You All The Damn Time.

+ “As I checked under the hood of my own life, I had to concede that my suspension was also more than a little suspect. I, too, have rust spots. I realized that the longer I held on to the car, the longer I was pretending that I was still that person who bought it, that person with healthy knees and a great marriage and a future beckoning as wide open as California’s Central Valley. But the wrecking yard comes for everyone.” Elegy for a Minivan: Mourning the Demise of the Lovably Uncool Family Car.

+ These boxes aren’t rotating. It’s an optical illusion. Really.