“I had come to this place just outside the town of Saluda, forty miles south of Asheville, for Prepper Camp, a three-day weekend gathering that would draw twelve hundred people to learn how to survive what they call TEOTWAWKI, or The End of the World as We Know It.” Lauren Groff goes to Apocalypse Camp: Waiting for the End of the World. (My local Costco looked like Apocalypse Camp over the weekend.)

+ A headline for the ages: Public Enemy boots Flavor Flav from group after Bernie Sanders rally dispute.

+ Another judicial appointment for Trump? Judge Judy Is Ending After 24 Years.

+ Penn State students gather to hold vigil for sudden closing of Taco Bell.

+ A man was hospitalized twice in 24 hours with a 12-hour erection, then a 6-hour erection. His doctors blame marijuana. (Blame?)