And just like that, science is back in vogue… Imagine being told ‘the doctor will see you now’ and having a heavily sniffing guy with thick orange and white makeup walk in with a weird expression and a bunch of conflicting data to tell you you’re gonna be fine. Would you feel better? Well, the pandemic of lies may have finally caught up with the administration because Americans and leaders around the world don’t feel better. And the stock market sure as hell doesn’t. You may be able to fool half the country, but you can’t fool a virus. Luckily, people know by now that presidential press conferences don’t pass the ‘adult in the room’ sniff test, and the rest of the world is getting ready for what looks like a potential bigly problem. Here’s the latest on Coronavirus from WaPo.

+ California is the home of the first US case of unknown origin. The patient wasn’t tested for days. NYMag: Why Hasn’t the U.S. Done More Coronavirus Tests?

+ Here are some photos from Brazil’s Carnival. One imagines this could be one of the last mass gatherings for awhile as schools are closing in Japan, some Europeans companies are telling employees to stay home, and there’s a growing list of canceled events around the globe.

+ “You don’t expect that your luxury cruise from Japan will harbor a killer virus resulting in your being returned to the U.S. in a cargo plane that lands at a remote Air Force base where you are ordered into federal quarantine for a minimum of two weeks, leaving you without rights, without agency, and on the wrong side of a heavily guarded fence. At least, I didn’t expect any of this, even though I wrote a thriller set on a cruise ship.” The Atlantic: I Prepared for Everything, but Not Coronavirus on a Cruise Ship.