“This gift is undeniably important. It could, by some estimates, virtually double the amount spent on climate change by American philanthropists today. And it will likely reveal something counterintuitive about the state of global climate action. Even if you believe, as Bezos does, that climate change is ‘the greatest threat facing our planet,’ spending $10 billion to fight it is still pretty difficult.” The Atlantic: Jeff Bezos has pledged more money to battling climate change than anyone ever has before. But where will it go? (I’m thinking $9 billion to ameliorate the cardboard box scourge, and then another billion to spread around.)

+ “If executed, the scale of Bezos’s giving would be tremendous. As New York Times climate reporter Brad Plumer notes, ‘The UN Green Climate Fund — funded by wealthy governments and meant to be a key vehicle to help developing countries adapt to climate change — is currently at about $9.8 billion.'” NY Mag: Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion to Fight Effects of Climate Change. (And he’s promised two generation shipping…)

+ Still need a little nudge to convince climate deniers? Try this headline from Bloomberg: Locust Swarms Ravaging East Africa Are the Size of Cities. (Richard Dawkins thinks that’s some biblical shit…)