“Soon hundreds of people started calling for advice and that’s how the Santhi Medical Information Centre was born. Uma had found her life’s calling – she wasn’t treating people, as her father had done, but she was helping them get treatment.” BBC: An ‘unhappy marriage’ that has saved thousands of lives.

+ A Georgia boy pulled his sister out of house fire and went back in to save the family dog. He’s 5 years old.

+ WaPo: A couple flew home with their adopted infant. Strangers threw an impromptu baby shower on the plane.

+ A woman donated her kidney to her mentor. He gave her a beauty salon to say thank you. (That must have cost an arm and a leg!)

+ Orange Park tattoo artist is helping others cover racist, hateful tattoos after covering his own.

+ LA County DA to dismiss nearly 66k marijuana convictions.

+ Outside: Denmark Took a Mountain of Trash and Made a Ski Hill.

+ A music fan has been reunited with a cassette tape she lost while on holiday 25 years ago after it washed up on a beach hundreds of miles away.

+ An Astronaut Spent 328 Days In Space and Then Posted A Video Of Her Reunion With Her Dog. (Meanwhile, her cat was like, “Oh wait, were you gone?”)