“Lawrence Ray, also known as Lawrence Grecco, allegedly physically, sexually, and psychologically abused his victims starting in 2010, when he moved into his daughter’s on-campus residence in Yonkers, New York, after being released from prison.” Buzzfeed: He Moved With His Daughter To College. Then He Allegedly Started A Sex Cult With Her Classmates.

+ “Ray put up $34,000 to pay for Kerik’s 1998 wedding, although the pair had an ugly public split after the defendant testified about the former top cop’s link to organized crime.” NY Daily News: Ex-NYPD head Bernie Kerik’s best man charged as head of Sarah Lawrence College cult.

+ This story was covered in much more detail last year in NY Mag: The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence. What happened to the group of bright college students who fell under the sway of a classmate’s father?