Wing and a Prayer

“A core tenet of Jainism, a small but influential religion in India, is ahimsa, the practice of nonviolence and compassion toward all forms of life. On a wall of the Charity Bird Hospital, located within Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, a Jain temple with tall red spires, is a painting of a Jain king sacrificing his arm, then his foot and eventually his life to save a pigeon.” Oliver Whang in the NYT: Meet the Bird Medics of New Delhi. These scavenging carnivorous birds can survive almost anything, except a city’s passion for kite flying.

+ “‘Horses have a way of seeing deep inside of your soul,’ she said. ‘They have a way of knowing just what you need when you need it.’ That bond was part of what made the killings so unsettling, she thought. Horses are prey animals — they’ll flee if confronted by a predator. But these horses are pets, too. They’ve been conditioned to trust humans, and they may well extend that trust to strangers who break into a barn in the middle of the night. These horses weren’t dragged to their deaths. They walked there.” Tampa Bay Times: Who’s killing horses in Central Florida?

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