Bong’s Hit

Not only did Bong Joon-ho direct the first ever foreign-language film to win Best Picture, he did so with a bit of irony: Parasite won on a night without a host. Parasite beat out the evening’s predicted winner, 1917 (maybe it’s just too hard for Trump-era movie fans to relate to a time when Americans fought against authoritarianism). Here’s a list of all the winners.

+ Bong Joon Ho’s translator was the Oscar season’s MVP, now she’s writing her own film about her experiences. Maybe that will one day win best documentary. This year, that award went to the excellent American Factory, which looks at the challenges of a Chinese company setting up shop in the middle of America’s Rust Belt. (It was backed by the Obamas, and it’s huge in rural, red states.)

+ Cow Tipping Point: The night’s acting awards went to Laura Dern, Brad Pitt, Renee Zellweger, and Joaquin Phoenix, who gave a heartfelt (and trippy) speech about the way we treat each other — including the way we treat cows. Here’s a line about humans that probably wasn’t part of your Academy Awards drinking game: “We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow.” (Even more troubling are those who feel entitled to traditionally inseminate a cow.) The Hollywood Reporter: Oscars: 15 Most Memorable Moments. And from WaPo: 15 things to know, from Joaquin Phoenix’s emotional speech to Natalie Portman’s viral fashion statement.

+ Here are some red carpet arrivals, and a list of the evening’s memorable looks. The most memorable looks in my house were on the adults’ faces when one of the kids watching said, “Wait, Elton John is a real person?”

+ Of course the award for best makeup and hair went to the joker…Sort of.

+ If you’re looking for the best acceptance speech, it actually came the night before the Oscars at the Independent Spirit Awards, and it was delivered by the Academy-snubbed Adam Sandler.

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