“She has children who are still in her life, who are well into adulthood and probably have children and grandchildren of their own. And they’re still part of her family. She created families.” After 40 kids in 40 years, St. Paul foster mom ready for more.

+ Nice moment from the campaign trail. Pete Buttigieg to LGBTQ community: This country has a place for you.

+ California pardons gay civil rights leader in new initiative.

+ An 8-year-old boy paid off the lunch debt for his entire school by selling key chains. (Awesome kid. Sad that he needed to do this.)

+ Two high school students open food pantry to help their classmates in need.

+ Chiefs player celebrates Super Bowl win by paying adoption fees for shelter dogs. (I’ll adopt the dogs myself if we can just get those last 7 minutes of the Super Bowl back…)

+ 30,000 pounds of food from the Super Bowl is being rescued and donated.

+ Woman finds dog lost for 3 years after seeing its picture on beer can. (I once thought I saw my cat’s picture on a bag of weed, but it turned out it was just my cat standing next to my bag of weed.)

+ Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has been cleared by Philadelphia police after investigation finds no evidence mascot assaulted young fan.

+ Meet the woman who made Netflix get rid of its most annoying feature.