Mitt Does Not Acquit

“My own view is that there’s not much I can think of that would be a more egregious assault on our Constitution than trying to corrupt an election to maintain power. And that’s what the president did.” As the president prepares to ride his White Ford Bronco into the sunset, Mitt Romney split from his party and announced he’ll vote to convict Trump on the abuse of power charge. The move makes Romney the first senator in US history to vote to convict a president from the same party. (Mitt Romney had a million ways to spin his way out of this and avoid the slings and arrows of a rabid party gone mad. But he chose not to. And for that courage, he deserves the earnest praise of Democrats and the eternal gratitude of decent Republicans. We’ve become divided, jaded and unable to praise those with whom we mostly disagree. But I offer my unreserved, heartfelt praise for Mitt Romney. Today, he sacrificed any chance of becoming president to do the right thing. That’s more than most people have ever given up for anything. I thank him.)

+ Here’s the latest on the last day of the impeachment trial from CNN. While the trial is ending, the story will go on. Jerry Nadler Says House Will Likely Subpoena John Bolton. And Giuliani Says Trump Should ‘100%’ Investigate Biden After Expected Senate Acquittal.

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