Between the Iowa Caucuses, the State of the Union, and the Impeachment Trial, we could all use a break right about now. So let’s start with halftime. That’s not to suggest that the Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t political. Everything is. “The Puerto Rican flag flashed as the iconic Springsteen song played, as if to remind viewers that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. While Muñiz was singing, other children were dancing in cage-like structures—a subtler reference, but a possible nod to the thousands of children, most from Latin American countries, who have been detained at the border.” (Only in the era of Trump could kids in cages be referred to as a subtle reference.) Vanity Fair: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Surprisingly Political. In addition to the Latina and border references, Shakira (and her memeworthy tongue) gave a shout-out to her Middle Eastern heritage.

+ I’m guessing that Senate Republicans don’t like Shakira’s hips because they don’t lie. And JLo proved that holy shit! is the new 50. Here’s a look at Shakira & JLo’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show (during which every middle aged man in America had a wardrobe malfunction.)

+ And of course, there were some commercials.

+ Yes, I led with halftime and commercials in part because I am coming at you from San Francisco and I was rooting for the 49ers. (Someone should tell Lamar Alexander who won. I heard he turned off the TV after the third quarter saying he felt like he had enough information.) In the end, the game went the way of lot of Chiefs’ games have gone this year. One team think its got the game in the bag. And the other team has Patrick Mahomes. ESPN: Andy Reid’s masterpiece, and how the Chiefs came back and the 49ers blew it.

+ How Patrick Mahomes’ last-minute kneel-downs cost many bettors.

+ “It relayed the play he had been pleading with Coach Andy Reid to call for most of the second half, a play the Chiefs had set up early in the game and saved for the moment they most needed it — a moment like this.” WaPo: That play in our back pocket.

+ “It’s surreal to come back here and be on the top of the world, not have to be serving anyone.” He grew up 4 blocks from Hard Rock and worked concessions. Now he won a title there, too.

+ Kyle Juszczyk became the first former Harvard Crimson athlete to score a Super Bowl touchdown on Sunday. (After the Dershowitz performance, Harvard needed some good news.)

+ And speaking of the academic elite, there was a tweet. There’s always a tweet. What did he do this time? Trump congratulated the Chiefs for representing “the Great State of Kansas.” Of course, anyone who has passed one of Mike Pompeo’s snap map quizzes knows that the Kansas City Chiefs are based in Kansas City, Missouri. (It’s no big deal. To get back to Kansas, you just click your bone spurs together 3 times.)