From Mel Magazine: The Dudes Exploiting Legal Loopholes to Settle Disputes — and Divorces — by Swordfight. “In the Heartland, there’s a 40-year-old man who’s asked a judge for the right to legally settle his divorce from his wife with a sword fight. Specifically, with samurai swords. In his legal brief, the plaintiff, David Ostrom of Paola, Kansas, wrote to the court: ‘Respondent and counsel have proven themselves to be cravens by refusing to answer the call to battle, thus they should lose this motion by default.'” (At least his former wife won’t have to explain what she means by irreconcilable differences.)

+ While I cover political news, I try to avoid the day to day coverage of political races and official endorsements. At least, I tried until I heard about this dish, which gets both my coverage and my endorsement: “In a series of events that began in New Hampshire last summer and continued this month in Iowa, Ms. Klobuchar has been feeding her recipe, blanketed in Tater Tots, to voters at gatherings the campaign calls Hot Dish House Parties.”